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25 Years

of experience


We continuously invest in our plant, machinery and our people. Our technologically advanced plant ensure that we are capable to meet our customers requirements in the most efficient and effective manner.

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With over 25 years of experience, we remained along the years committed to deliver superior quality in all our products, while ensuring continuity of supply and peace of mind to each and every customer of ours. Uniplast has been ISO9001 certified for over 10 years.

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Design & Engineering

Having worked on countless plastic products, we are able to apply our knowledge to assist our clients in achieving an excellently designed product, with minimal initial costs and manufacturing costs.

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Short lead times

Our dedicated logistics department will liaise between our production departments and our customers to ensure that your products arrive on time without exception. We just need an expected delivery date and we deliver by that date – that simple.

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Our greatest asset

Our people are undoubtedly our greatest asset and we pride ourselves on creating an environment where our team look forward to come to work everyday. We are proud to employ over 120 dedicated and motivated individuals, who all share a common passion in what they do.

We are always interested to meet potential team members to join our fast-growing, dynamic team of professionals in order to continue providing a personalised, efficient and professional service to our increasing portfolio of clients.



Being an organization where we design and assembly power packs and related equipment, procurement is significant to us.

After several years of sourcing tooling and plastic injected parts from Asia, recently, we have decided to change strategy and turn to support local organizations.

Uniplast has shown that it is highly competitive, with great technical and support service and with easy flowing communication.

Melchior Busuttil   General Manager – New Energy Ltd.

As a product design engineer, I have been working with Uniplast for 20 years and I have never been disappointed. The people at Uniplast are always ready to help and give their input even in the design stage of the product, so that they can understand fully the objectives and share ideas with our design team so that together we can have a better product and also reduce the time to market.

Uniplast has top quality standards and adaptability which were the main criteria in order keep the high level of our products. Uniplast has consistently met these criteria.

Uniplast can provide each client with the individual attention they deserve. Their customer service is amazing, and their ability to expedite any last-minute requests is what puts them ahead in a competitive market. Definitely an ideal partner to have!

Ing. Elvio Spiteri   Design & Development Engineer – Dold Automation Ltd.

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