PAD Printing (Tampo Printing) is a printing process where a silicone pad transfers a 2-dimensional artwork on a 3-dimensional object. This is done by using minute amounts of paint which makes pad printing a highly cost-effective printing process due to its efficiency in the use of paint. Pad Printing can be used to print a vast spectrum of products ranging from marketing merchandise, cosmetic packaging, toys, beverage packaging, medical and pharmaceutical packaging. and more.

Our PAD Printing (Tampo Printing) team has over 25 years of experience in the industry. We are proud to have a team of 45 employees working in this department, to provide high quality and consistent printing solutions to our clients.

Uniplast Ltd.’s extended experience in PAD printing has enabled us to offer an end-to-end solution to our partners. This includes:

  • Printing plates (cliché) design and manufacturing
  • Jig design and manufacturing
  • Print Design
  • Paint sourcing and supply

Uniplast Ltd.’s design and development team in conjunction with the printing department offer prospective clients to handle their entire printing project by designing the necessary printing plates and jigs, procure the inks required and print the desired artwork on the surface of choice.

To complement the pad printing process, Uniplast has other dedicated departments offering services which include Injection Moulding, Assembly, Sorting, Packaging and Design & Engineering


Printing Machines



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